Full-Service Bookkeeping
Update and maintain all business transactions at your office
or ours on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.  This
includes but is not limited to cash/check/credit card
transactions, bank reconciliations, deposits, financial
statements and any other work needed.  You'll receive peace-
of-mind, accurate records and the cost saving benefits of not
having to hire another employee.
QuickBooks Setup and Training
Assist in purchasing appropriate QuickBooks software for
your needs.  Install and personalize software to your
business.  All accounts and transaction records will be
entered and classified properly.  Training will be provided to
aid in managing QuickBooks.  We also provide services to
maintain your QuickBooks records.  Having your software set
up correctly will save you time, money and frustration.
New Business Start-Up
One hour free consultation for new or growing businesses to
assess accounting needs.  Services individualized by
customer.  With all the decisions and confusion in creating
your own business, we can provide the support and clarity
you need.
Year-end Taxes
Prepare personal, sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, and
S-Corp yearly federal and state taxes.  We take the worry out
of tax preparation and can process your tax return timely and
Process and prepare all employee paychecks, payroll reports
and quarterly federal and state payroll tax forms.  
Direct-deposit option available.  Weekly, monthly or quarterly
withholding deposits also prepared.  Cost-effective and
hassle-free way of providing your employees with a timely
Bank Reconciliation
Match your transactions to your monthly bank statement to
create a reliable and safe financial records.  Reduces
possibility of employee theft or mismanagement of funds.
Quarterly Estimated Taxes
Analyze revenues and expenses to compute estimated taxes
due.  Preparation of forms included.  Let us help you avoid
IRS penalties and fines for unpaid taxes.
Financial Statements
Provide understanding and knowledge of what your financial
statements say about your business, aiding you in making
good business decisions.  In depth look at your Balance
Sheet and Income Statement.  Production of these
statements can be provided.
Accounts Payable
Enter all bills into software, create checks to pay bills,
prepare envelopes for mailing and file receipts.  Provide
reports of what was paid and what is still owed.  
Cost-effective way to maintain your cash-flow.
Accounts Receivable
Create invoices or sales receipts for all sales, mail
invoice/sales receipt to customer, apply payments to
appropriate invoice and record in software.  Provide reports of
what has been paid and what is still outstanding.  
Statements can be prepared and mailed to customers on a
monthly basis.  Provides useful customer information and
reliable income figures.
Analyze previous financial statements and your financial
goals to create a useful guide in managing your money.  A
powerful tool to keep you on track to achieving your financial
Corporation tax

Individual income tax

Bank reconciliations

Financial consultation

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Payroll tax, Sales tax
Simply Accounting, LLC
Keep it Simple, Do it Right
Services We Provide
Create non-profit business from inception to IRS
acceptance.  This entails organizing the proper information
for a smooth application process.  We offer consulting and
compliance services to help understand the accounting side
of operating a non-profit organization.
Rental Property Accounting
Organize and simplify accounting for one or more rental
properties tailored to your unique situation.  We provide a
full range of services from organization of information and
invoicing to tax preparation.
Notary Public
Services available.